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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."

~ Maya Angelou


Having an hour each week where it is all about you is often a new and unfamiliar experience for most of us.  It is a time for you to let all the things that have been percolating in your mind out into the world and be heard by another person, someone who has no judgement or expectation of how you 'should' deal with any given situation.  Having someone who is wholeheartedly in your corner provides you with the support and space that you need to come to terms with anything that is holding you back, and challenges you to move forward in a direction that feels authentically right for you.

Do you ever feel that the story of your life is like Groundhog Day?  Perhaps you've noticed that there are far too many Daniel Cleavers scattered amongst the pages and maybe you want to understand when your attraction to said Daniel Cleavers began and why, oh why, you just can't shake the Cleaver butterflies and replace them with Darcy fireworks instead. Or perhaps you thought that you'd found your Darcy...but he just turned out to be another Cleaver in disguise, and now you're Googling properties in the Isle of Skye, how to freeze your eggs, and whether it is in fact possible to be eaten by your cats. 

Maybe your career dreams are falling at the wayside - each morning your alarm jolts you back to reality, reminding you that you're late for a job that you don't even like, and you're worried that you'll never make it to the chapter where you have your dream job. 

Or perhaps you've covered all the chapters you hoped you would by this point - marriage, kids, home, career, car and holidays, yet you still feel...'meh.'

No matter where you find yourself in the story of your life, you keep asking the same question over and over -

Why am I not happy?

Growth becomes possible when you understand how the story of your life has been affecting the relationship that you have with both yourself and those around you.  How will you know which paths and people will lead you to happiness if you haven't stopped to really take a look at where you're starting from?  

I can help you to reclaim your story and become the person you want to be.

How much of your story that you go on to write will be down to you...

 ~ Helen


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