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Some people are very clear and sure about what is troubling them, and the changes that they would like to make, whereas others are unable to pinpoint the source of internal discomfort but feel that something just doesn't feel right, which might be showing itself in repeated patterns or relationship issues. 

I feel passionate about helping people to understand their own story and how this has impacted who they've become, as well as how this narrative may be holding them back from the life they want and impacting the relationships that they are having with other people and themselves.

Growth becomes possible when you understand how the story of your life has been affecting the relationship that you have with both yourself and those around you.  How will you know which paths and people will lead you to happiness if you haven't stopped to really take a look at where you're starting from?  

I can help you to reclaim your story so that you can write the remaining chapters...

 ~ Helen

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