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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your approach to therapy?

I have extensive experience working with people in a relational and personable way, encouraging clients to prioritise and place value on their wellbeing and needs.  I have been told that my approach is both kind and warm (sometimes with a little humour!) but with gentle challenge where appropriate...after all, the only person we can change is ourselves. 

My approach is to look at both the past and the present, and help you to bring about meaningful and lasting change. 

What will happen during the FREE introductory call?

I offer a free introductory 20 minute call, which is a chance for you to tell me about what's been going on for you, and you can ask me any questions you may have.  We can then decide whether I may be the right therapist to help you.  There is no obligation to begin therapy with me and you are free to use this as an opportunity for you to make more sense of what you need.

What will happen during the first session?

The first session is where we can meet for an hour, either face-to-face or online, and talk in confidence.  You can elaborate further on what we discussed over the telephone and at the end of this session I will be able to let you know where I think the focus needs to be in the work, and we can decide together how best to move forwards.

How many sessions will I need?

I understand that therapy is a big commitment - both logistically and financially - and have therefore found that most people prefer undertaking a 'short burst' of sessions (around 6-8) to get a feel for the work, before deciding whether to continue in an open-ended capacity or have a break and then return to therapy at a later date.  Approaching therapy in this way allows us to break down a problem into smaller pieces of work (solution focused), which is often more manageable, especially when you may be feeling overwhelmed by the bigger picture.

What are the options for sessions?

I work from my cottage in the countryside, which can be therapeutic in itself, and prefer to see people face-to-face when possible. 

I understand that this may not be practical for everyone and therefore I also offer online sessions (via a secure video platform), as well as a 'Walk and Talk' service if you would prefer to be in the great outdoors.

How do video sessions work?

I offer remote online therapy via a secure video platform.  You will need a reliable internet connection and device with a camera (I recommend, if possible, to do this via a laptop rather than phone).

For all therapy sessions it is important that you are able to talk from a safe, quiet and private place (where it is only you and I in the room).  If you have any concerns about privacy at home, I can recommend using headphones and (if necessary) to play music outside of the room so that the chance of being overheard is reduced.

It will not be possible for sessions to take place from a public or work setting or whilst you are driving. 

What is your availability?

I am available during the following times ~

Face-to-face/Walk & Talk

Mon-Friday ~ 10am to 3pm

Online Video Sessions

Mon-Friday ~ 10am to 5:30pm

* Wednesday (all sessions)

10am to 6pm

*Saturday ~ 9am to 12pm (email only)

Session fees

  •  20 minute introductory phone call: FREE

  • Face-to-face session (1 hour): £55

  • Online session (1 hour): £50

  • Walk & Talk session (1 hour): £55

  • Initial online consultation for Walk & Talk (1 hour): £50

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I truly believe that if everyone had access to therapy then the world really would be a better and happier place!  Because of this I try to make therapy available to as many people as possible therefore I offer concessionary rates for those in receipt of Universal Credit/Working Tax Credits, Keyworkers, students and trainee Counsellors.  Proof of eligibility will be required upon booking and discount rates are applied on an individual basis - please email me to enquire

What about your four legged friends?!

As I live in the deep countryside the presence of four legged friends kind of goes without saying!  I have two free-roaming cats and a cocker spaniel named Millie. Whilst all are very friendly please let me know if you are anxious around animals and I will ensure they wont bother us during our session.  

*If you have allergies I would recommend conducting our session online rather than in person. 

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