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Supernova Soulmates

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I used to believe real love means your other half, your destiny, your alchemical chance at transformation and eternal happiness. None can deny the engulfing feeling of tranquil belonging, that comes alive within the embers of your soul, when you meet someone who ignites in you a magnetic yearning that echoes the feeling of an eternal home.

What they don't tell you is that this union is not always the happy-ever-after that the story books lead us to believe.

For sometimes, when this happens, you both must come to face the dark and hidden parts of yourselves that have laid dormant until that moment of serendipitous fate and, in this process, fight the fires of fearful vulnerability that are raging within you both. Burning so brightly and zealously that there must come a time when, as with all uncontrollable flames, it engulfs everything in its path - even itself.

A love that must be left to turn to dust and return to the universe once more, awaiting the next part of its eternal story - to meet again, in a different lifetime, embraced in the arms of the Other that you are both yet destined to be...

Our infinitely finite supernova love.

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