Miss F*ck It

There is a pernicious part of me who hides in my subconscious

Wreaking havoc on my attempts at transformation

She wears a cloak of hedonistic destruction

To mask her fear of success, failure and connection

And so a wavering fray ensues between Miss F*ck It and Miss Dutiful

A battle common amongst women alike for centuries

As Miss Dutiful sits in the opposing trench stitching her wounds inflicted by her Other

She realises that in this war of self-sabotage they are not enemies

For sometimes we separate ourselves into parts

So that when we are alone in the dark there is always someone to blame

But we must learn the act of integration to work together

To catalyse our growth and honour our shame

Learn to appreciate Miss F*ck It's complexity and fire

For you need her temerarious side

Don't fight her for she is your ally

As it is her passionate pain that will be your perpetual guide

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