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Wishful Liberty

I want to have the liberty to leave my drink unattended

I want to not be convinced or forced to have sex

I want to not wake up to a stranger touching me

Not fearing the nefarious things that might happen next

I want to know what it feels like to run with music dancing in both ear drums

I want to not lock my car doors as soon as I get in

I want to not be silenced by being called crazy

I want to have sex without implied sin

I want to sleep at night with my windows open in any season

I want to go on a date without texting a friend my location...just in case

I want to say what I think and feel without fear of being beaten

I want to go to the shop and not disappear without a trace

But most of all, amongst all of my wishful freedoms...

I want to be free to walk home without fear or threat

Arriving safely and into the warmth of a loving embrace

Not having died fighting with love in my heart as I battled bravely

Moving to the next place with the only thing I have left...


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