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Do Fools Rush In?

Do you ever stop to reflect on how you fall in love? Are you one of those slow and steady, take your time types? Or are you one of the 'head over heels, hook line and sinker, can’t sleep or eat’ types?

What I have learned is that we must value ourselves first and foremost. We must learn that we are worthy and enough just as we are. The relationship that you have with yourself will be the most important one you will ever have because it will have a direct knock-on effect to all your other relationships. It’s also important to remember that, given that none of us can make any guarantees to anyone that we will always be there, regardless of how much we have good intentions, if you do not like, love and value yourself then you will always be afraid of someone leaving and fear has no place in a loving relationship.

To love one another with such a tight grip is often a complicated experience of love stemming from childhood and will not last if one or both of you feel that you cannot breath. The key is to learn to stop holding on with such a tight grip so that you can both grow together - as individuals and as a couple. If someone wants to leave, yes it’s going to hurt, but let them go. They were not meant for you.

Love one another, and yourself, in such a way that you both feel free.

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