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I'm Helen - I'm a therapist.  Mum.  Dog Mum. Cat Mum.  Green-finger novice.  Rolling hills rambler. Books in front of the fire devotee.   

I feel deeply passionate about helping people to understand their own story, how this has impacted their sense of Self, and how these beliefs may be holding them back from the life they want, the person they would like to be, and the relationships that they are having with other people and themselves.

If you are struggling with any of the following then please get in touch today to find out how I can help:

  • Low self-esteem​

  • Critical inner voice

  • Toxic relationships  

  • Career changes 

  • Communication difficulties within a relationship

  • Parenting skills 


Growth becomes possible when you understand how the story of your life has been affecting the relationship that you have with both yourself and those around you. 

How will you know which paths and people will lead you to happiness if you haven't stopped to really take a look at where you're starting from?  

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My Story

I live in the rural Mendip Hills, Somerset, and am a single mother to one medium sized human, two feline friends and a mischievous spaniel with selective hearing.  When I'm not working I like to spend much of my time with my nose in a book in front of the fire, roaming the countryside with my dog - often not - by my side, or with a paintbrush in my hand, a blank canvas in front of me and Fleetwood Mac playing as loudly as possible in the background. 

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Home: About Therapy

Walk & Talk

Walk and Talk merges traditional therapy and coaching with the great outdoors and has been found to significantly reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, burnout and stress, as well as enhance creativity and overall mental and physical wellbeing.  Being in nature encourages the possibility of a new narrative and outlook on the struggles you're facing.

Home: About Therapy
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